Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hi! Welcome to Helen Morgan's...

We are setting the goal HIGH by encouraging our students, teachers, and administrators to read for ONE MILLION MINUTES in order to promote school-wide literacy! 

Use this blog to tell us about what you are reading, how you think we are doing as a school or even just encourage each other. 

Check back often and keep on reading this summer!

Love, Mrs. Bernardo


  1. Getting my summer reading materials together now! Can't wait to start reading Alaska: A History to learn about the state I am going to visit this summer. Looking forward to hearing what everyone else is reading!

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  3. I just dove in to my first book of the summer, Nora Webster, great beach read! A teacher favorite, not so interesting for the students though ;)

  4. I've been reading so much this summer I haven't stopped to take the time to post about all the exciting books I've been reading! I'm hoping to be able to post the pictures I've taken of each book I've spent time with. I LOVE to read and can always find time to do so no matter what I'm doing. THERE IS ALWAYS TIME TO READ! ;)